Thursday, March 01, 2018

And We're Back...

It's been several years since our last blog post, and the march of time has chased us over a narrow picturesque bridge with low stone walls, where we hilariously and accidentally got pushed over the edge into the slow moving river below. The river is not too deep but it's cold and somewhat unexpected situation. We'll be fine, we can swim and it's not a wide river. We parked our car nearby and we have still have our credit cards. 

Long winded analogy aside and among the birth of our child, international travels, layoff, the start of new jobs, moving (twice), death of our beloved dog, the publishing of a momentous book, and the explosion of a start to a documentary, we decided it was time we needed a mortgage. To a house. Were we'd all live. Forever.

Fast forward 12 months, to right about now, and we're still renting.

So, as with any other reasonable blog, I decided it was a good opportunity for catharsis on the long painful journey (swim?) (for us) of house hunting. We've learned not only a lot about ourselves, but about ourselves house hunting in Tucson. Most of it good, possibly useful, and occasionally funny. I will try to highlight both of those in coming blog posts to a category of Tucson Querido, entitled imaginatively "Casa Querida."

Please stay tuned...

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