Thursday, June 24, 2010

Teresa's Mosaic Cafe

The view of the Catalinas from the patio. Photo from

As Andrew and I were searching for a new home, (blog post to follow), we noticed what a great view there is from N. Silver Mosaic. We were wondering if McDonald's would let us rent their place, when we noticed a building next door with an equally spectacular view. It turned out to be Teresa's Mosaic Cafe.

We came back a few days later for breakfast on the patio. It was one of the last perfect weekends in Tucson; they didn't even have to turn on the misters. I had one of the Oaxacan plates with their homemade tortillas (made as you watch in the main dining room.) Andrew was so inspired by their Jamaica that he got some hibiscus at Food City on the way home and brewed up his own batch.

What can I say? With ambiance, service, a view and food like that, Teresa's has given me a reason to venture over to the "other side" of I-10 more often.

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JerryNJ said...


I do see the beautiful blue sky dotted with clouds and the Catalinas in the distance.

However, I see a parking lot under a paved paradise and four radio transmission towers.

I guess the expectation of a good view been eroded over the years 'round the ol' Pueblo, eh?

I have a feeling you may have a bright future in local real estate sales.

Todo lo mejor,