Saturday, January 09, 2010

A Resolution for the New Year: Support Tucson's Local Businesses (Before It's Too Late)

Photo taken at the Tanque Verde Swap Meet by Andrew Haberboch.

Loss #1

My sister was in town this week, escaping zero-degree Iowa for a few days. On Sunday she flies in, we hop right into the convertible and head to my beloved Tanque Verde Swap Meet. When we get there, the parking lot that I had in a bygone era trolled painstakingly for a spot was mostly empty. Only a few vendors straggled inside despite the big "Open" sign at the entrance. I don't know if it has something to do with the ICE recent seizure of over $785,000 worth of counterfeit goods and I don't know if the place will bounce back. I feel sad. I miss the pony rides, the incense shop, the sonoran hot dogs, the chihuahuas, the climbing wall... And I don't see how the siezure equals more sales for somebody like Coach, for example. It's not like I can really afford an authentic Coach bag now.

Loss #2

Sis asks me for a unique local sandwhich shop. I go directly to Asian Sandwich Deli only to find it dark, locked and empty. NO! NOT ASIAN SANDWHICH DELI!! It closed in May, 2009. Major frownie face.

Loss #3

The lady on Broadway who used to do my alterations is gone. The zipper on my green velour tracksuit broke, and at Mendel's Wife the Tailor they can only replace it for $25 because they have to treat it as velvet. The whole suit didn't cost me that much at Ross. Currently searching for cheap tailor.


Loss #4

I just remembered De Anza Drive In Theaters.
It seems just yesterday I was sitting under the stars in a lawn chair, wrapped in a blanket, the smell of smoke wafting in the air, catching a midnight showing of Forty Year Old Virgin with my pals...sniff! This sucks!


Unknown said...

summit hut is in danger too, once REI moves in. and whatever happened to having a friend or family member who could mend sweater or hem your pants? i'd throw down some stitches for you were i still in tucson. also, while there aren't many swap meets in san jose, there are nice farmer's markets and banh mi everywhere. and tailors too. come visit someday.

Anonymous said...

It was a while ago now, but Coco Yaya's on Ft. Lowell and Country Club closed and turned into a much less festive and less tasty cafe.

Eva said...

radial, my mother in law is awesome w/ the sewing machine but i couldn't take the stuff that required mending to illinois because it didn't all fit in my suitcase without expanding it, which meant not a carry-on size which meant paying $35 for checking it in. this freaking economy!

i was just talking to keithsa about when we're going out to san j. name a weekend.

anonymous, i once saw an elderly woman slip and fall at coco's. she went down in slow-mo but then she just stayed on her back, limbs flailing, bloomers showing, was so traumatic i never went back.

@la_yerberia said...

My son & I were in the mood for some Austin's Old Fashioned Ice Cream last Saturday. Drove up to the new location across from Park Mall and discovered the place locked up. An eviction notice posted on the door by the landlords tells anyone who stops by that the rent was not paid and the stuff inside has been confiscated. We were so sad :-(