Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Man v. Sonoran Hot Dog

This message was circulated by Eric Wilson, El Presidente of El Güero Canelo Enthusiasts:

The Travel Channel is inviting all El Güero Canelo superfans

to the South Tucson location (12th Ave)

Friday, January 29th and Saturday, January 30th

for an event where they will pit El Güero Canelo against a challenger to find out who has the top Sonoran Dog in Tucson.

Fans will be interviewed, and the #1 fan will be featured in the show, which will be part of a companion series to Man V. Food.

If you think you're the ultimate El Guëro Canelo fan and want to come to the shoot, or have any questions, please email

POSTDATA: Here are links to the Man v. Food episode shot in Tucson:
Guero Canelo, Mi Nidito


Anonymous said...

Are you going? Are we carpooling?

Anonymous said...

If you've not seen the "Man vs Food" episode about Tucson eateries, I suggest you get around to checking it out.

Adam "As-Brooklyn-New York-as-a-guy-can-be" Richman, actually uses the familiar southwest mexican/american buddy slang "buey" to refer to Guero himself.

Way funny.

Those "Sonoran Dogs" of his are such a departure from the Sonoran Mexican food that characterizes Tucson Mexican fare unless you happen to be from Hermosillo.

Que viva la fritanga!!!


Eva said...

I had seen the Tucson Man v. Food episode and after your comment, I posted the links to it!

Unfortunately, I won't be attending this event since we have dates at Jonathan's Cork on Friday and Michaelangelo's on Saturday. But I welcome any guest bloggers who might like to post a few words/pix from the Sonoran Dog love-fest!