Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jojoba Oil and the Oil Cleansing Method

By no means is this a cosmetic blog, but being that Jojoba oil is a natural essence of the Arizona desert, I have no reason to conceal my delight upon discovering its use for skin care--it's a local thing :)

I have previously spent a small fortune on Aveda products, the Outer Peace skin care line, to be exact. It worked quite well for me for a long time, but recently I found that the cleanser--despite being super high quality and natural--was just drying out my face too much. Even after using a moisturizer my skin was still over-compensating by getting too oily in the afternoon. I was using the Aveda clenser, the pads, the lotion, and oil blotting sheets. And I hate an involved beauty regime. I have better things to do.

A friend had told me about the oil cleansing method (OCM), so I decided to stop use of all other products and just try it with Jojoba oil. (You can use other oils depending on your skin type.) These are my steps:

1. Put a few drops of the oil in the palm of one hand.
2. Use clean fingertips to massage it in to the entire face, loosening dirt and dead skin cells.
3. Drape a steaming hot washcloth over the face for a few seconds to open pores.
4. Use the washcloth to remove the oil, dirt and exfoliate.

Being that there's no soap involved, a very light residue of the oil remains on the skin, leaving the skin soft and hydrated instead of over-dry.

A bottle of Jojoba oil that could last up to a year costs about $10 at Whole Foods. Not to mention, it has a myriad of uses, such as make-up remover, cuticle oil, hair serum, etc.

What's better than maintaing perfect skin using one natural ingredient while saving a ton of time and money? It's a no brainer! Viva Jojoba.


amananda said...

JOJOBA!! My monthly jojoba ritual: smother hair with the oil, wrap, and go to bed. Rinse well the next morning. Hair so soft and shiny.

Unknown said...

Since there are a lot of chain Mexican restaurants, do you know of a nice, authentic Mexican restaurant Tucson AZ? I am a little picky but am very open to suggestions. Thank you.

Eva said...

Rose, you probably found your favorite by now, but just in case, I would name Guadalajara Grill, Teresa's Mosaic Cafe, and Crossroads (South Tucson).