Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Apache Trail

The Apache Trail (Route 88) closed at Tortilla Flat due to Tortilla Creek running over the road.

Nothing can stop this group of hikers; not even a freezing creek.

The water runs fast.

A view of Canyon Lake from the road.

A view of Canyon Lake from a scenic lookout.

The Superstition Mountains as seen from the Elvis Presley Chapel.

As you may have heard, on Monday Gov. Brewer declared a state of emergency for Arizona after wicked awesome storms rocked our state bringing badly needed rain to some parts and snowing people in at higher altitudes and in the north. In the midst of all this dramatic weather, I was fortunate enough to drive part of the Apache Trail and take pictures of the moody sky and changing light.

We were only able to drive from Apache Junction to Tortilla Flat and back, given that the road was closed. This limitation only left me hungry for more. The Apache Trail is so gorgeous that I can only count the days before we go back.

Some of the attractions on the stretch of the Apache Trail that we drove by were:
Goldfield Ghost Town
Superstition Mountains Museum
Lost Dutchman State Park (to close June 3!)
Canyon Lake
Tortilla Flat


Anonymous said...

FYI, you don't want Obama declaring a state of emergency for anything. It's nuke or meteor impact time if he were to do so.

It was the Gov.

BTW, way cool wide-angel pic of the Presley Chapel. Could serve as an album cover for some rock band.

Eva said...

In that case, good thing I was wrong!
Thanks for the comment.