Friday, February 20, 2009

21st Annual Arizona Renaissance Festival and Artisan Marketplace

Ah yes, the Ren Fest: a way to get drunk and stare at cleavage under the more intellectual pretext of historical appreciation. Not to mention, sell shit. What does this weird blue guy have to do with the Renaissance?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not slamming our Ren fest. It was very entertaining (structure your day around the stages--don't miss Adam Crack the Whip Master), the weather was almost perfect, and the setting definitely beautiful: good ingredients for a satisfying mini-vacation. About two hours from Tucson (if you take the scenic route), the drive gives you a sense of geographical separation and the festival itself gives you a sense of temporal separation. I'm talking crazy time travel, biatches!
The Artisan Marketplace part is a bit of an excuse to sell people more stuff they don't need, but where else can an honest women satisfy her desire for centauroerotica? Personally, the centaur loving doesn't do it for me, but I bought some really well-crafted fragrant candles and a great "body souffle" produced by small-scale local artisans at a reasonable price.
The thing I love about Ren Fests is that the workers and entertainers are great, but the public is also SO into it. Just sprawling out on the grass and people-watching for a spell is great fun. Check out this Renaissance mother and baby. (It makes my uterus hurt.)
One last thing, but very important! The food is mostly crap: know it. However, the giant turkey legs are pretty okay. The chocolate covered strawberries are a must!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Free Secret German Film Series at the UA

This is Andrew. He has a German last name that means "oat bush" in English.

"Secret" screening of a different German film every other Thursday night at 7:30pm, free of charge. Here are the upcoming dates:

Feb. 19th

March 5

March 26

April 9

April 23

I cannot openly advertise these films due to copyright law. But if you contact me I will email you the titles.

For a map and directions:

The Integrated Learning Center is just west of the main library. It is underground. When you get to the bottom of the stairs, past the lounge with the big picture windows, take a left and go all the way down to the end of the hall. There will be double doors to your left and just inside the doors you will find room 140.

Lunafest Short Film Festival--March 3

LUNAFEST, an evening of film shorts that celebrate women
(all films are by, for, about women). It's also a great
benefit for the UA Women’s Studies Department,
Women's Studies Advisory Council (WOSAC), and
the Breast Cancer Fund. Here is the info for this year:

Tuesday, March 3rd, 7-9:30pm
The Loft Cinemas
$5 Student/$10 Community Member