Tuesday, January 06, 2009

How Not to be a Fat Ass in 2009

Andrew's New Year's resolution is "to not be a fat ass". Mind you, he isn't a fat ass, but I know how he feels. I suggest we re-frame this common resolution in a more positive light. Repeat after me: I resolve to be active in ways that are fun for me this year.

Climbing at Rocks and Ropes
Tucson has a lot to offer when it comes to being active. One of the options I recently found out about is climbing at Rocks and Ropes. A number of my friends climb there, including those pictured above (Kawena) and below (Shane).

Getting started at Rocks and Ropes is not as intimidating as it may seem. There really are people of all ages, sizes, sexes and body types there. The first time they teach you the basics in a super clear, fool-proof intro lesson. The most important thing is to be fairly sober and to have a belayer who is also fairly sober. Dropping 50 feet because your belayer let go of the rope is not fun I hear.

Don't be intimidated by the gear, either. You can use Rocks and Ropes' gear first. If you get really into it, you may find yourself purchasing your own (insert color of choice) shoes, belt, chalk, etc.

The climbs are classified into different levels, so start of with something easy to get your feet wet, so to speak. It's a major adrenaline rush no matter what. I mean, you're scaling a wall, hanging from little rock-like pegs. You could fall at any minute. But the difference is, if you fall here, your rope, harness and belayer will catch you. It's a security blanket that gives you the opportunity to make the most daring climbs you've ever imagined, but without the slipping and dying part! How cool is that?

The Tuesday Night Bike Ride
Another active option is the Tuesday Night Ride. (And it's free!) It got me through the hardest parts of last semester. Like when I was freaking out during finals, and all I wanted to do was get away from it for a few hours. I went on the ride on thought "Wouldn't it be nice to see some Christmas lights?" My wish came true on the spot. We rode though Winterhaven in its full regalia. It was my first time. It was absolutely magical.
This is our bike posse. Well, most of it at least. As you can see, I'm the woman with the dog in a basket. If you see us, do NOT make any Taco Bell references. They got old a long time ago.

For more info on the Tuesday Night Ride check my post and the links therein.

I heart yoga--hard. For more info check out the post on my yoga journey.

Dance Lessons

We've taken a Flamenco class through Pima Community College Activities, a Latin Dance class through The University of Arizona Rec Center and tomorrow we're starting Argentine tango at Shall We Dance. I love to dance with Andrew anyway, but tommorow is especially exciting since I've been wanting to learn tango ever since I began teaching about its sociocultural and political context some years ago. (Wanna learn more? Take TRAD 103: Art and Politics of Latin America with me over the summer. Shameless self promo me? Never!)

Winter in Tucson is the perfect time to hike, and hiking is one of the most perfect exercises for mind body and soul.
This is the wild roaming chihuahua we spotted on our last hike: the 50 year trail at Catalina State Park. I'd like to mountainbike, or horseback ride it next.

Check out some of my past hike posts by clicking on this here link.

One of my favorite things to do is just plug my ipod in, saddle up my wild chihuahua and go for a long walk at dusk. I like to walk around campus, around the neighborhoods nearby, especially Sam Hughes--it can be so charming at night. I also recommend The Local Couples Walks.

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I really like the accessibility of Sabino Canyon - http://www.innerrewards.com/local-guides/tucson-az/article/hike-sabino-canyon.