Sunday, December 21, 2008

John Mizell and Kira Runtzel at No Anchovies

Weird story. This couple of young hikers, John Mizell and Kira Runtzel, got stranded in a snowstorm recently. As we were celebrating Dr. D-ivine's D-fence at No Anchovies the news came on. Right as the anchors were talking about Mizell and Runtzel, they happened to walk through the gate. We noticed because a group of friends was apparently waiting to welcome them home and they cheered. We were then watching Mizell and Runtzel watching themselves on TV and I took a picture of the group which is now posted on the internets.

Postdata: Check out Mizell's comment below "Get the whole scoop at Rad indeed.

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John-Man said...

Haha! That is me!

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