Tuesday, December 23, 2008

In Search of Cheeseburgers

It was Andrew's birthday yesterday. We spent all weekend in pursuit of cheeseburgers as part of the celebration.

Cheeseburger #1: Barrio Brewery. Cheeseburger okay. Shuffleboard better.

Cheeseburger #2: Lucky Strike. The best of all four. Unanimous consensus on this one.

Cheeseburger #3: Great American Cattle Company. The staff was really nice, but it was so far away it was like going to another town, and the place was in a strip mall (and felt like it. I need to specify because there are a lot of good restaurants in strip malls in Tucson that don't necessarily have "strip mall vibe"). Tasty steaks but overpriced in my opinion.

Cheeseburger #4: The Flying V at Lowe's Ventana Canyon Resort. I got the idea to take Andrew out there since I believe they have the biggest Christmas tree in town in the hotel lobby (pictured above), and I was hoping we could sip a cocktail by it. Also they boast lovely views of the valley (pictured above). Alas, the place was so empty and poorly lit...there was this depressing lounge singer...the decor was not old enough to be retro, but just old enough to be outdated. Once in the restaurant we were further disenchanted by the motif--a hodgepodge of whatever some tasteless designer with no real knowledge of Southwestern art thought was "Southwesty". It reminded me of the economy, it seemed to scream "'Resort living' belongs to a bygone era". I had a vision of Lowe's Ventana Canyon slipping into abandon, becoming a lovely ruin to visit and a refuge for Javalinas, coyotes and bats...

Cheeseburger #0: We were gonna have a cheeseburger at Daisy Mae's or Lindy's but both were closed :(


Andrew said...

You forgot to mention, however, that the cheeseburger at the Flying V was actually pretty good. You could tell everything was quality ingredients. Even though it is a bit pricey, it was a big serving.

Also, I can't believe I didn't have a cheeseburger yesterday.

Anonymous said...

if you were looking for new cheeseburgers i applaud a valiant effort. if you were looking for the best in tucson you should of hit the grill.

Anonymous said...

You can't consider this complete until you've added at least two more Tucson classics, a burger from Shari's First Ave Drive In http://tucson.citysearch.com/profile/1752401/tucson_az/shari_s_first_ave_drive_in.html and from Bob Dobb's Bar and Grill at 5th and Tucson

Eva said...

I agree about Shari's - it was special. But the last couple times I've been to Bobb Dobb's their staff had 'tude.