Friday, October 10, 2008

Dog Sees God - Live Theater Workshop

So Andrew is in the living room watching a play on T.V. and I just thought to myself, "I can't take theater acting" and walked away. Then I remembered that I really enjoyed this great play two weeks ago and wanted to give some props on mi blog.

We saw Dog Sees God performed by Live Theater Workshop as part of their Etcetera Late Night Season. I read a great review of the play in Tucson Weekly and Tucson Citizen. I've never seen local theater, so I thought it sounded like a fun experiment.

I dragged some friends along and we weren't disappointed. Everyone agreed the play was good and the acting was really good. Plus, the vibe at the local venue was young, fresh, hip, and excited. It's cool to see that kind of crowd bubbly about an art form that's become less and less mainstream.

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Acting classes North Hollywood said...

true. it's pretty sad that this art form has become less and less popular and enthusiasts are no longer that big in number. im personally glad there are still organizers who target such workshop in local theaters. kudos to them and the performers.

by: matthew