Thursday, September 11, 2008

Splashdown for dogs at YMCA pool - Sept. 27

Splashdown for dogs at YMCA pool was today, Saturday, Sept. 27
8:00-3:00 at Lighthouse/City YMCA, 2900 N. Columbus Blvd. It was $5 per dogs (humans got in free, dogs only in the pool).

It was mass chaos; wet dogs running amok; I had flashbacks to traumatic swimming lessons from when I was a kid; but generally it was fun. Frida mostly hated it, I think, but that didn't keep her from being photogenic. Check out the Tucson Citizen Slideshow.

It was fun just to watch the dogs. All shapes, sizes and attitudes about getting into the water. There was another chihuahua who was a much better swimmer than Frida, but it's not a competition, right? OMG, our dog is such a child stand-in. Andrew said I need to get knocked-up just so that we can do this stuff with a kid and it won't seem so neurotic and Dog Show-esque.

A special thanks to the lifeguards and to Francisco Medina for the cool pix.


Andy said...

Cute pic.

Andrew said...

Only if they had a kiddie pool would i think it would be a good idea for Frida, especially since she doesn't like to swim and humans can't get in the pool.