Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hall of Frames




I've been to the Hall of Frames on Grant and Swan twice and I'd like to give a shout out to Jeffrey - not only because he has spiders tattooed on his arm and stars tattooed on his face - but more importantly because he has solid aesthetic judgment when it comes to custom framing.

So today we went to Hall of Frames with the "guest book" drawing from my sister for our wedding, and a Migliorisi painting I've had since I was a child: two pretty important pieces.

Jeffrey wanted to check out the Migliori's matting right away, so when he got it out of the frame we realized it had two sides, and the wrong side had been exposed all these years. It was like going on Antiques Roadshow. The original side is so much better.

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Andy said...

I think your Hall of Frames experience was BETTER than Antiques Roadshow. Maybe it is all due to Jeffery's tattoos.

Thanks for the framing tip because I have been meaning to find a nice place to get Jorge's illustration framed.