Saturday, September 27, 2008

Best of Tucson 2008

For all you die-hard fans (I make up) who have been wondering (in my mind) what happened to the Tucson Weekly's Best of Tucson Category "Best Local Blog", I have an answer for you.

I wrote the editor and he explained that the voting was so low they just scrapped the category. (Tucson Weekly's Blog got six votes and Tucson Querido got five.) Considering the category got scrapped, Tucson Querido didn't even get an honorable mention.

So, if you want Frida to have her moment in the lime light, remember this for next year: a legitimate on-line vote has to be submitted on a ballot that has 20 categories filled out, a name, a mailing address and an e-mail addy or a phone number.


Julie Ray said...

Hey, that's a bummer but I'm glad you followed up and found out that your blog got 5 votes!

Anonymous said...

what the hell! i voted for you 4 times!

Andy said...

Did Keith really vote you you four times...cuz I voted for you twice, I think.

Maisa said...

i've been disenfranchised! first the bush crew, now the tucson weekly?! dude... megan and i both voted for you, and we are HUGE frida fans, so i say, let the girl shine!