Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Brazilian Week - Sept 1 - 7

During the Week of September 1-6 not New York, not Los Angeles, not Miami - but Tucson! - will celebrate the arts, the music, the literature, and the history of Brazil. The Honorable Mayor Bob Walkup has agreed to officially declare the week of September 1-6 Brazilian Week! Fancy!

For more info on all the food, workshops, music, dance, screenings, exhibits and events that will take place during Brazilian Week, go to The Brazilian Week web page by clicking here.

In my opinion, the crown jewels of the week will be the presence of Brazilian artist and percussionist Ari Colares - who will not only perform, but also hold a percussion workshop - and the Brazilian Independence Carnaval at Club Congress.

Parabens, Tucson!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I know this posting comes late, as the encore screening was Aug. 13, but I have a good excuse! I've been doing research in Paraguay with limited internet access for the past four weeks.

Anyhoo, my personal adventures aside (don't worry, a blog dedicated to the trip will follow),I'd like to give this film some attention. Jorge Luis Urbina, a local Tucson Filmmaker and UA employee of The School of Media Arts, directed it with fellow filmmaker Benjamin Lopez, who wrote and produced the project.

In Urbina's own words, Caramelo follows the relationship between Miguel, a free spirited young student and Jose, a school janitor who carries the burden of a tragic-filled past of the Tlatelolco Student Massacre of 68'.