Sunday, June 01, 2008

Tucson Webcams

This shot is from The Arizona Webcam.

If you read Foucault you may be familiar with some of his ideas about being watched and feeling like you're being watched... We recently installed a surveillance camera in one of our windows: an unblinking eye gazing upon our courtyard 24-7. We hoped it would deter bike theft, but really I think all it has done is make us into voyeurs. On that note, here's a list of Tucson web cams for your voyeuristic pleasure:

University of Arizona Webcams:

Arizona Webcam is a bird's eye view of the University of Arizona campus.

The Student Union

East Mall

Old Main

Athletics Facilities Construction

Family and Consumer Sciences

College of Law

Rec Center Construction

Tomatoes. I'm not kidding.

Tucson Panoramas Maintained by Pima County

City of Tucson Webcams:

Tucson Freeway Cameras - there are 12 of 'em!

The following cameras are so freaky; you can control them by zooming in and our or even right to left and up and down...

Presidio Park

Fourth Avenue Construction Web Cam

Downtown North East

Downtown South East

KVOA's CityCam located on Tumamoc Hill

Downtown North West

Downtown South West

Downtown West

Downtown East

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