Sunday, June 01, 2008

Ballot for Best of Tucson 2008

Best Nail Place: Golden Nail Spa. You see that flower? That's hand-painted, baby.

Once again I'm making my ballot for Best of Tucson public, just for shits and giggles. (That's such a weird expression, isn't it?)

Bee tee dubs, there's still time to vote before June 4. Click here to vote online.

Best Local Blog: Tucson Querido shamelessly self-promotes here.

Best Annual Festival: Tucson Eat Yourself

Best Park: Reid. Recently as I was flying back to Tucson I noticed just what a huge green patch it constitutes in the middle of our desert town.

Best Local Advocacy Group: Borderlinks

Best Radio Station for News: KUAZ

Best Bowling Alley: Lucky Strike. Cosmic bowl rocks!

Best Hair Salon: The Coyote Wore Sideburns

Best Yoga Studio: Yoga Oasis

Best Fine Art Gallery: DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun. I love it because of DeGrazia's incorporation of native elements, but I also have a problem with some of the rhetoric found there, such as the idolatry of Kino as beneficent Indian savior, etc.

Best Art Museum: The Center for Creative Photography

Best Local Performing Artist: Jose Pepo Saavedra. Last chance to vote for Pepo, because by the end of this summer he won't be local anymore. Boo hoo. Well, before he moves closer to the city that doesn't sleep, he's giving a last show on June 13.

Best Indoor Venue: Club Congress

Best Movie Theater: The Loft

Best Lowbrow Bar Ambiance: The Buffet

Best Nightclub: Club Congress

Best Margarita: El Charro

Best Wine/Liquor Store: Rum Runner

Best Burger: Lindy's

Best Sandwich: The Asian Sandwich Deli

Best Pizza: Zachary's. Two pieces does me. Plus, I dig the weird beer garden in the back.

Best Ice Cream: Frost. But actually it's gelato.

Best Sonoran Hot Dogs: Tanque Verde Swap Meet

Best Fish Tacos: Rubio's. But they are not as good for you as you think.

Best Empanadas: My friend Derek's but otherwise, Mama Llama's

Best Diner: The Grill

Best Indian: Sher-E-Punjab

Best Italian: Giacomo's

Best Sushi: Sushi King

Best Thai: Vila Thai

Best Casual Dining: Zemam's

Best Outdoor Seating: Cushing Street. Try the SueƱo Burger.

Best Late-Night Eats: The Taco Shop Co.

Best Vietnamese: Miss Saigon

Best Mexican: Crossroads, for the nopalitos.

Best Vegetarian/Vegan: Lovin' Spoonfuls

Best Veggie Burger: Bentley's

Best Birthday Party Place: P1 Kart Circuit

Best Fun for the Whole Family: Tanque Verde Swap Meet

Best Used Books: Bookman's. Duh.

Best Video Store: Casa Video

Best Fashions: Toque de Pasion

Best Resale Clothing: Buffalo Exchange

Best Home Furnishings: The Paris Flea Market

Best Pet Supplies Store: Muttropolis

And now for my own categories...

Best Tapas: Casa Vcente. Okay, probably the only tapas in Tucson but that shouldn't make light of their quality...

Best Laundrette: Campbell Coin Laundry and Cleaners. Their slogan is "Where Cleaning Your Clothes Can Be A Pleasant Experience". It's true. The owners and employees have always been nice. Andrew and have our "laundry date" there every two weeks, combining clean clothes, sushi, video games, enchiladas, frozen yogurt, manicures and other fun things the strip mall has to offer.

Best Nail Place: Golden Nail Spa. They are kind, they have a nice locale, the prices are competitive and they are very careful, professional and talented. (See hand-done pedicure art above.)

Best Sunset Watching and Post-Sunset-Watching Drive Into Town: Gates Pass

Best Place Spiritual Historic Site to Take Nudie Pix Not That I've Ever Done It: Signal Hill

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