Sunday, June 01, 2008

Iowa City Summer 2008

These pix are from the Sutliff Bridge, near Iowa City.

My baby brother graduated from high school in Iowa this month, so we ventured out north to celebrate. I just have to give props to him for surviving high school in small town Iowa, but also to give props to some of my favorite Iowa City establishments:

The Soap Opera: They have a shit ton of soap.

Prairie Lights: Great independent bookseller.

Giovanni's: We never go back to Iowa without eating the Gnocchi d'Oro

Whitey's: Such good ice cream, it makes me wanna puke.

John's Grocery, aka Dirty John's: Nestled in a historic building, the charm begins at the door. Their owners call it "a marriage of the traditional corner grocery store and epicurean oasis". Personally, I call it one of the best liquor stores ever. I mean, it has a BEER CAVE!

Granny's: Best re-sale jewelry, antiques, plus so much other stuff and so CHEAP! But Granny is retiring. I can't stand it. I wanna cry.

Also, this trip we made a new discovery. About 30 minutes drive from Iowa City (along lovely winding, country roads) is the Sutliff Bridge. This bridge made of iron and wood is over 100 years old. Deliciously located in what is now sort of the middle of nowhere, it's a charming, quiet, lush, green setting for leisurely drinking a PBR LIGHT. I had no idea that PBR light even existed, but I have proof now. See the photo above.

The Sutliff Bridge Tavern not only serves this unheard of PBR light, but pub grub at historical prices. Just look at the menu.

POSTDATA: I'm sad to report that since the time of this posting, the 110 year old historical Sutliff Bridge has been mostly washed away by the disastrous 500 Year Flood in Iowa. I feel fortunate that I got to enjoy the bridge at least once in my lifetime, but to see the loss is still heartbreaking...and I don't even live there...

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Anonymous said...

I live in Rochester Iowa, it's about a 30 boat ride from sutliff. I go there almost every 2 weekends.