Friday, June 06, 2008

Thursdays at Cinema La Placita

Isn't this photo by A.T. Willett gorgeous?

We went to Cinema La Placita for the first time last night. We watched A Star is Born (1976) and it was hilarious. First of all, after the organizers rattled off a list of rules, (Don't drink, don't smoke, don't do illicit drugs, don't be loud and obnoxious, etc.) The film proceeded to roll and Kris Kristofferson's character does ALL that!

Then Barbara Streisand's character keeps saying things that are supposed to make her this hip woman connected to sexual liberation and "Woman Power", but from today's vantage point "Strawberry Douche" is only an endless source of off-colour jokes. So is "I want you to come life." Also, the fact that she's part of a trio with two black female back-up singers called "The Oreos" is wrong in so many ways.

Yes it was funny and wrong, but slow, so actually we found ourselves forced to go to The District for shots after the second intermission. You gotta get all that seventies out of your system somehow. (By the way, the jukebox at The District is sort of awesome.)

For more about what happened at The District from the viewpoint of a Pima County Occasional Dater, click here...

Here's the Film Schedule for JUNE:

June 12: Forbidden Planet (1956) Starring Leslie Nielsen, Anne Francis and Walter Pidgeon

June 19: Pillow Talk (1959) Starring Rock Hudson and Doris Day

June 26: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953) Starring Marilyn Monroe, Jane Russell and James Coburn. Directed by Howard Hawks. Sponsored by THE CRUISE PLACE.

Footnote: This is a dog-friendly venue :)


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Is the june schedule also part of the "shot in Tucson" series?

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You should check out my new blog. You should link it to this post, as I have a post that begins at Cinema La Placita. Enjoy!!!