Sunday, April 06, 2008

Jerome 2008

I went to Jerome last weekend for my cuñado's wedding. It was SUCH a great couple of days. I totally love Jerome. It was fun to share the town with so many family and friends.

These are the top ten reasons I heart Jerome (because I'm a word economist):

1. The view of the valley.

2. The history/hauntedness. You can get a fair dose of the history from the 24 hour Jerome history channel or screenings at the Liberty Theater. You can get a fair dose of the hauntedness from the Jerome Grand Hotel.

3. The quaint, narrow streets going up the mountain. (The Lamborghini aficionados love it.)

4. The weather.

5. The bars and eateries. This trip we annoyed people at The Asylum (see crazy statue), The Mile High Grill, The Biker Bar (Spirit Room), and the The Red Rooster Cafe (pictured at breakfast time above).

6. The art and jewelry. Being a "low earner" (I'm a grad student) I don't go to Jerome expressedly to shop, BUT there always are some noteworthy moments. For example, the moment I tried on the gorgeous hand-cast hydrangea earrings by Michael Michaud in the Connor Hotel Shop. Then there was the perfect $185 hand-stamped ceramic fruit bowel that I want to make my dining room centerpiece by Firuse Stalcup at Pura Vida Gallery).

7. The townies. Everyone who's directly involved in the tourist industry has been pretty nice in my experience. (They could be really fed up with us by now, especially considering the brand of rowdy drinking my suegra likes to do!)

8. The tourist type. Not as annoying as in Sedona.

9. It still gets quiet at night. I think most tourists see it as a day-trip place, so the tranquility and the stars make for peaceful romantic nights.

10. Proximity of everything. Walking distance makes for running into your drunk friends all weekend because, who wants to drive?

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