Friday, April 25, 2008

Izzy at Muttropolis Tomorrow , Sat. 26 10:30 - 12:00

Izzy was rescued from certain death at PACC. We've been fostering this wonderful, female, nine pound, two-year-old Chiweenie and she's finally ready for her forever family. She's in perfect health: all shots and spayed. She's got the chilled out attitude of a Weenie and the joy of a Chihuahua. Very cuddly without being overbearing (won't lick your face off or jump on you); smart (she's been learning house training extremely fast); very shy at first but easily adapts to nearly all people and dogs. She's pretty good on a leash but she's never been kenneled so don't leave her in a cage or she'll skin her nose trying to get out. Izzy is an all-around great dog who deserves an all-around great home. Do you have a place for her? If the answer is yes, meet Izzy tomorrow at Muttropolis!

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