Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Verde Canyon Railroad

The Verde Canyon Railroad begins in Clarkdale and travels to Perkinsville and back. It's about four hours and a great ride. Andrew's brother's family gave us first class tickets as a wedding present, which is nice because there's plenty of space to stretch out (especially with kids) and some food included. That said, however, I spent most of my time in the open-air viewing car. In the case that you are an able bodied, childless photographer type who avoids the indoors like the plague while on vacations, you might as well forgo first class for a regular coach seat.

The view is definitely the best part. The landscape is lovely and the light changes dramatically from the way out to the way back (the way back makes for better photography). It's a really relaxing experience, especially convenient for people who perhaps aren't as able bodied and couldn't enjoy the same views from a hike. Some of the sights include an old slag dump, Sinagua cliff dwellings, Great Blue Heron, black hawks, ducks, ravens and bald eagles. The tunnel ride is pretty cool too, as the train is plunged into total darkness for a brief moment.

Another train ride in the area I'd like to try is the Grand Canyon Train that departs from Williams.

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Andrew said...

It was a fun trip, I definitely want to do it again. I wish this country made it more accessible to travel by train.