Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Phoenix Suns vs. The Sacramento Kings

This shot is from the pre-game pyrotechnics.

I had never been to an NBA game and Andrew had expressed interest in going to see The Suns play sometime. So for Valentine's day this year, we got tix.

I've been taking a visual culture class so I saw a lot of the game though the lens of the theory I've been reading. For example, the coordination between the use of the big screens and the actual game was perfectly orchestrated in such a way that it struck me as difficult to decide whether to watch what I had paid to see happening "in real life" or watch it as it was being projected on the screen. Trippy.

What else struck me?

The ADD appeal: There were half time distractions during ten minute breaks, there were cheerleaders, dancers, mascots, free cupcakes, tee shirt throws, fan free throws, kids on screen, hamburger raffles, and so much random distracting stuff going on that at times I forgot there were basketball players on the court at all.

The Product Placement: If you were entering the building, sitting in the right section, exiting the building, sitting in the wrong section, could answer trivia or couldn't answer trivia, you could win a product. There was everything from Maytag laundry machines to Dove body wash. (Cleanliness = basketballness?)

The Cost: The tickets were expensive. The parking was expensive. We ate at The Hard Rock Cafe across the street and that was expensive, but not as expensive as the plethora of food and drink options in the US Airways Center. The gas to get to Phoenix was expensive. The whole date probably cost us around $200.

Was it worth it? Sure, but once is enough to see the American Spectacle that is an NBA game.

p.s. I was really surprised to realize how poor on the free throw Shaq is, how short Steve Nash is, and that Leandro Barbosa is Brazilian. Cool!


Andrew said...

Link plz for barbosa.

Andy said...

dude, don't all american capitalist events have ADD appeal?