Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ozlem Silverstein's Art at Rancho Linda Vista Gallery

The first image is Andrew in the gallery with dog, the second a bathtub virgin on the Rancho Linda Vista grounds.

After Biosphere 2 we went to Rancho Linda Vista Gallery for the opening of Ozlem Silverstein's artist reception offered to open her exhibit: Faces of War. Rancho Linda Vista is a neat place tucked away in Oracle. Even the gallery's bathroom has some interesting artwork not to be missed (like a piece constructed entirely of press-on plastic fingernails).

Ozlem's pieces on war focuses on faces that range from those of American and Middle eastern soldiers to those of their mothers, to those of the victims of Abu Graib to the faces of George Bush himself. I found the digital paintings to be especially compelling. Overall the art struck me as powerfully honest.

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