Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Feijoada at Fiorito's

Randomly one Saturday afternoon Andrew and I were shopping at The Paris Flea Market (I love that place!) and we decided to have lunch. Fiorito's was sort of across the street. But I wanted to go to 1702. When we got there I remembered that they don't open until 5:00 on Saturdays.

We turned around to go back to Fiorito's but Andrew had me call first to make sure they were open. The owner answered and said "Well, our usual menu doesn't start until 3:00, but we're serving feijoada right now."

I would've never guessed, since the place looked totally closed. But sure enough, when we walked in the door we were seated by a kindly professor from Latin American Studies and served caipirinhas immediately. My kind of day.

Feijoada is not easy to find since it takes several hours to prepare. It's a traditional Brazilian meal (as pictured above). Turns out, a wonderful Brazilian woman from Tucson prepares serves it up at Fiorito's (her son's restaurant) once a month. Why is this Tucson's best kept secret? (Fiorito's website doesn't even mention it.)

Well, whatever the situation may be, I had them put me on the mailing list so I would be prepared for the next feijoada. Now I feel like a special member of the "Secret Feijoada Club". My stomach is thankful for that!


AMorris said...

Sounds pretty tasty. Just happened across your blog while looking for info about the Pima County Fair. Your post from last year was pretty funny reading.

I noticed that you have some photo links. You might find another Tucson photo/biology blog interesting. http://fireflyforest.net/firefly/

Kathryn Ortiz said...

They do Brazilian food once a month, so next time, let's get a group together. My friend Katia, from Brazil, and her boyfriend always go to this once a month event.

Kathryn Ortiz