Saturday, December 01, 2007

The Lemmonheads @ Club Congress Dec. 5

The Lemonheads - or to be more precise, Evan Dando, Bill Stevenson and Karl Alvarez - are playing a show at Club Congress Dec 5th.

I'm sure they will play a quick version or two of Lemonheads classics, but we all know going in to this show with the wrong expectations could be a big mistake. Dando's not a summer chicken anymore, as enticing as that sound was.

That's why I wanted to post the lyrics to my favorite Evan Dando song. It's not about living like a rock star. It's about growing up, living like yourself, and having that be even better.

Hard Drive

This is the town i'm living in
This is the street i'm walking down
These are the friends i'm visiting
These are the clothes i'm wearing now
This is the house i'm building here
This is the girl i'm marrying
This is the chord i'm strumming now
This is the faith i'm leaning on

This is the child i'm bearing now
This is the love that i've always had
This is the face i make when i'm sad
This is the town i'm living in
This is the hard drive...
This is the ocean
have you ever felt yourself in motion (x2)

These are the feet i'm standing on
These are the hands that build a world
This is the bed i'm sleeping in
This is the shirt i'm buttoning
This is the pace i'm moving at
This is the tune i'm humming now
This is the road i'm walkin' down
These are the lips that form my words

This is the stone that i wanna turn
These are the people that i love
These are the eyes that look above
This is the town i'm living in
This is the hard drive...
This is the ocean
have you ever felt yourself in motion (x2)

POSTDATA: Thanks to Danite21 I have posted 18 seconds of footage from the show above. This show was one of the weirdest I've ever been to. There were about thirty of us there. The Lemonheads didn't go on until midnight and by then I was so cracked out tired that I thought I was hallucinating. For a while it was mostly Dando just playing songs on his own, as if we were all hanging out in his dark and cold living room. (It would've been better with overstuffed sofas, but then I really would've fallen asleep.) It was intimate all right, and Dando gave off good vibes, like we could've hung out after the show if I hadn't been ready to collapse. But I guess the whole experience kind of burst my bubble. I thought everyone was as big a Lemonheads fan - but still, how much can you ask for on a Wednesday in Tucson at midnight?


Anonymous said...

conundrum: jose saavedra plays the same night at plush(for free).

hardrive is one of my favorites and not just because it features members of calexico and howe gelb. i like the pairing of the somewhat melancholy music with the somewhat life affirming lyric.

Eva said...

Thanks for the comment! I can't wait for you to start the music blog we keep telling you to start - hint hint! I'm also eager to hear more about how your South America trip went...

Anonymous said...

I do need to start blogging before is taken! Maybe I'll see you at the great cover up.