Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Soldier Trail - Coronado National Forest

The winter is here and it's time to hike like crazy. This shot was taken off the Soldier Trail, the latest notch on my hiking belt. We did this one on Black Friday and I'm still a little sore. We drove up Catalina Highway, parked the car at the trail head at the Gordon Hirabayashi Recreation Site and hiked down for a little over two hours, ending up back at the highway. The one-way hike was fairly easy and as you can see, the vistas were precious. We hitchhiked back to Gordon Hirabayashi in a style he would have honored. The very first car picked us up - no problem. We then had lunch at the newly remodeled Miss Saigon. Great new look, same awesome food.

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RBChallenger said...

Hey, congrats... sounds like a great time!!! My friends and I are actually compiling a listing of all the great hikes we enjoy in the Tucson area. It would be awesome if you'd consider adding to it with your pics and info. Check it out at Tucson Complete Hiking. There are only a couple of examples up thus far but I will be adding the Butterfly Trail to it this weekend. Great blog!!!