Friday, June 15, 2007

Salt River Tubing 2007

Did you watch the footage? (Brought to you by So, Salt River Tubing is totally like that.

Besides that, I just want to say as a follow up to my 2005 post about tubing the Salt River, that I think things have evolved a bit. I've come to the conclusion that the Amsterdam of the American Southwest constitutes of a community built by drunk and stoned hicks in inner tubes on a little river in the middle of Arizona. And much like Amsterdam, if you've never visited the Salt River, then you ain't living.


La casa de Claudia said...

qué bonitas tus fotos de Bisbee. Un beso. Queremos ir a la fiesta.

the river rocker .com said...

check out the river rocker .com we drag this big ass stereo system down the saltriver every year and a stripper pole be at the bridge at 11:00 sunday of memorial weekend

the river rocker .com said...

the river