Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Pima County Fair

It was a Saturday night. I felt a little restless, a little rebellious. I wanted to get my kicks somewhere unusual. I wanted to be wild.

I ended up at the Pima County Fair.

I hadn't been to a county fair in years. It was even more than I imagined it would be. It was downright bizarre. And an absolute blast.

There was weird fair food, (like the King Arthur sized Turkey leg I could only eat a fifth of); an Elvis impersonator; live tigers (!); sea lions with which families can have their photo taken (see image above); wild rides (all featuring hip hop music - a few rides even had MCs. I mean, there's no better way to keep it real than on the "G Force", right?); a hypnotist; a personality analysis computer (it was huge, and they actually pressed buttons)...oh yeah, that was along the lines of the computerized palm reader, (which was an old fax machine with a manikin dressed like a gypsy glued to it); beer and drunk people; alternative hair styles; games; music; and last but not least, adorable farm animals (including baby lambs and goats - too cute).

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heathercee said...

Hello, Eva.

I came across your blog by chance and wanted to leave a note saying how much I've enjoyed reading your posts. I've lived in Tucson just over four years and I love seeing it from your perspective. You've given me quite a few new places to check out, so thank you.

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If you think you might be interested, please feel free to email me at heatherc [at] bookmans [dot] com. I can provide you with more information and answer any and all questions. As I said above, I enjoy your local perspective and I'd love to have your work included on the site.

Take care,
Heather Cordova
Bookmans Website Content Coordinator