Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tucson Thrift

So the seasons are changing and you open your closet to find that nothing from last summer appeals to you. You want to refresh your wardrobe, but are on a tight budget. That's when Tucson thrift stores come in.

Goodwill is my personal favorite. I like the one on Speedway and Swan, but there's a new one on First that's pretty nifty. The cute Indian sun dress I'm wearing in this pic is from Goodwill.

Twice as Nice can be very nice indeed, if you get in-store credit for your old threads. Otherwise, it's overpriced.

Savers and Value Village are owned by the same company. I've never had much luck at either store, but friends have.

And of course, there is Buffalo Exchange and the thrift stores on Fourth, but you are getting into another price range there. (Unless it's one of Buffalo's one dollar sales, which are insane but totally worth it.)

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