Saturday, February 17, 2007

Week of Wonder: Lila Downs, Lucinda Williams, Cat Power

I love a truly good show as much as anyone. Maybe more. I'm talking about the kind of show that takes you someplace else and gives you that energy every time you remember it. It makes you nostalgic and romantic and a little giddy. That's the kind of feeling I expect to get from the Lila Downs show on March 4 at Centennial Hall. (It will be the first time I see her live.) Then, March 6 Lucinda Williams will certainly bring back my wild cowgirl days from that summer I worked on a dude ranch in the Rockies. But the real pièce de résistance will be Cat Power's secret appearance at Club Congress the next night. If you go to the Matador Records website and then Club Congress, you will find they have no idea that Cat's supposed to be there. So will she? Or is it just a shhhhhhhhh...secret...I wouldn't even be publishing this if I didn't think my readership was uh, low.

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