Tuesday, February 20, 2007

United Airlines Sucks

I don't usually post negative reviews on this site, but anyone planning on flying United to or from Tucson should be advised of the risk!

My best friend's dad died a few months ago so I thought it would be great if I could get her out of freezing Chicago and into sunny Tucson for a weekend of great hiking, eating and drinking. We haven't seen each other in over two years. I'm also pretty stressed out with my MA exams coming up, so it was going to be a two day vacation for both of us. I bought her tickets with my miles, since I have (had) a United credit card that accumulates miles. (I have since closed my account.)

Her plane out of Chicago sat on the tarmac for two hours, so she missed her connecting flight out of Dulles. Once at Dulles, they told her there were no more flights to Tucson or anywhere nearby for that night. They told her the earliest they could get her to Tucson was over 24 hours later. What for? Just to turn around again in another 24? We only had two days to begin with. She told them she would just turn around, go home to Chicago and use the miles some other time. They told her my miles would be refunded. They weren't.

Not only did she waste her vacation day flying around the country for nothing, but we never did get to see each other. Considering the inconvenience, expense, disappointment and frustration, you would think United would have refunded the miles and then some. Well, it took me an hour on the phone with Customer Service agents to get back only half of the miles. I told them the whole story. They told me that was the best they could possibly do.

I got scammed pretty royally, and apparently, so have a lot of people. A Google search of "United Airlines Sucks" brings up a lot of results, these are just a few:




Then there are literally over 100 negative reviews of United on this website: http://www.my3cents.com/search.cgi?criteria=United+Airlines

and then there's United Airlines deserves bankruptcy … and a swift kick in the ass

...the list goes on and on...

Perhaps the scariest question to pose is, if they care so little about customer satisfaction, is that any indication of how they prioritize customer safety???

Get the message. Don't become of victim of United Airlines!

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