Monday, January 22, 2007

El Cubanito Restaurant

We had lunch at El Cubanito today. I really enjoy the hearty, home cooked taste of albondigas, black beans and rice and fried plantains on a cold day. Obviously, Fidel could also benefit from a decent meal.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Heartbeat on Oracle

Ninth Street

The Tucson Museum of Art - The Virgin, Saints and Angels

The Virgin, Saints and Angels is an exhibition that opened today (and also a book). This exhibition examines styles from the Spanish Viceroyalty of Peru.

I have read that this collection (the Thoma collection) offers a compelling survey of diverse schools, illustrating the range of religious and secular subject matter favored in the region...

...BUT - and here's the big BUT - the curator of the collection, who spoke at the museum today as part of the opening of this exhibition said little to nothing about how to read the different styles, recognize the influences of the different schools or what religious and secular subject matter exactly is present. In fact, she didn't even greet the audience when she stepped up to the podium, nor did she allow any time for a question and answer session. It was a snore and which I had to stand through because they ran out of seating.

The longer I spend in academia the more fearful I become of the missing bridge phenomenon: the more education and specialization one receives, the more difficult it is for one to bridge the gap between one's self and one's target audience. No one there wanted to hear a string of names of places and people - totally unfamiliar to them - without a story, analysis, or more cultural significance to give meaning to it all.

But the paintings were neat. I wish I knew how those floating baby angel heads got so popular.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Hotel Congress

Whether it is having a late night drink at Club Congress or breakfast at Cup Cafe, I always enjoy the character of Hotel Congress.

A Chihuahua's First Snow: It's Cold in Tucson!

There is snow on Mount Lemmon and the valley dwellers have gone nuts. They are all over sledding, throwing snowballs, and shoveling snow on their cars to show PROOF that it snowed and they touched it!! Really!!

This is our Frida enjoying her first experience with snow ever.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year, Tucson

My New Year’s wishes are the following in no particular order: that Bookman’s move closer to my place instead of farther when they leave their Campbell and Grant location, that I will have successful classes at Yoga Oasis, that I get to eat at The Dish at least once, but generally eating out will involve more picnics and less money, that gang related violence will end, that people will stop dying in the desert, that generally there won’t be so much inequality (from the foothills to the south side), that our wedding will be a blast AND we will be able to start saving to buy a house (fat chance), that I will shop more at Food City and less at Safeway, even though it is so nice and new, that I will make a difference in my students' lives, that I will not get so pissed off when strangers take my spot in the parking lot during football games, that I will enjoy and stick to the next semester of Latin Dance and remember all the moves from last semester that I can never remember at parties, that I will develop a better breast stroke, that I will hike many new trails, that I will pass my exams, that I will put on a photo expo at Espresso Art, that I will spend plenty of time sharing this lovely city with friends and family, that I will finally have a karaoke engagement party, that I will get drunk at Kon Tiki, that I will go on many Arizona road trips including one to Lake Havasu so I can finally see the London Bridge, that I will go to many good shows like Lila Downs in March, that I will get some good plants from the Tanque Verde Swap Meet, that my mail carrier will stop kicking down the dog gate even though I made her cookies last Christmas, that I will have much success at thrift stores and Buffalo Exchange will finally take some of my clothes, that I will not get any more cavities and floss more, and a host of other wishes that have even less to do with Tucson but more to do with my personal goals…

The Pima Air and Space Museum

The Pima Air and Space Museum is a plane graveyard, so that makes it a little spooky - and intriguing. If you are interested in flight, history, photography and hanging out with your dog, it's a good place to go. (The mountainous backdrop makes for great photo ops and the place is dog-friendly.) I especially enjoyed boarding the Air Force One used by Kennedy and Johnson. It was surprisingly modest.