Friday, December 22, 2006

The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

I always, always, always enjoy going to The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. I don't care that it is a major tourist spot nearly smothered in visors, blue blockers and pancake butt bermudas. Nothing keeps me from feeling awe at the magic of the wildlife of this desert. To know that they are of this land and I am now of this land makes me feel a mystical bond. Okay, I know that sounds so hyper romantic. I mean, they are in a zoo, basically, but this zoo is more natural. In fact it's the only zoo I can swallow. It's actually peaceful.

I suppose the only way for me to kind of explain why this place is special to me is embodied by the website my fiancee and I made together in 2005. He wrote the code and I wrote the text and helped design it. View Un Tour Azteca del Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. If you can read Spanish you'll be impressed.

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JerryNJ said...

Fue un placer de visitar su blog. Le deseo a usted y a sus queridos una feliz navidad y un prospero Año Nuevo.

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