Friday, September 29, 2006

Bisbee is cool - literally

With elevations ranging from 4,500 to 7,300 feet, Bisbee enjoys cooler summers than Tucson. It's the southernmost mile-high city in the country, which give it an average year-round temperature of about 74 degrees Fahrenheit.

Bisbee is Capitalism - Shopping

I'm not much into buying things I don't need in tourist traps, but window shopping in Bisbee is an okay way to pass the time. The history of Bisbee Blue turquoise is actually pretty neat.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Bisbee is Haunted - El fantasma de Don Ramon

Another unique aspect of Bisbee is its hauntedness. It is pretty famous for its ghostly activity, especially at The Copper Queen. (This is what everyone says, but if you go to their website, insterestingly enough they make no mention of it.) Apparently most of the hotels in Bisbee are somewhat haunted. Well, I saw a ghost myself and photographed it. Here it is, ladies and gents: la fantasma de Don Ramon!

Bisbee is awesome - The Dog-Cat-Mouse Guy

Bisbee is awesome for many reasons, and one of them is definitely Greg, "Bisbee's dog-cat-mouse guy".

I found him in the middle of his gig, on the sidewalk, stacking his pets one on another - that's right: a dog, cat and mouse. I guess there used to be a bird. I wonder what happened to it.

Here is a pic of Booger, Kitty and Mousie, respectively. (Sorry mousie is not so visible.)

POSTDATA MAY 2008: The Dog-Cat-Mouse Guy no longer lives in Bisbee. He has been sighted most recently in Santa Barbra, CA. What a loss for AZ. Click here to view the piece CNN did on him.