Sunday, April 16, 2006

Tambo El Sosiego - Punta del Este

We went to Tambo El Sosiego for merienda. This little farm is the place where they make dulce de leche Lapataia. We had freshly made crepes (dulce de leche or strawberry filled) served by a a guy with breasts. I mean real breasts, not man tits. Rare for Punta.

El Sosiego is just what its name connotes: a tranquil place to relax. The rolling country side is cool and green - very refreshing after a day at the beach. The goats and bunnies and llamas are fun to visit, as you can see from the picture. The place seems like the ideal setting for the International Jazz Festival of Punta del Este which they host each summer.


Anonymous said...

Nice summary of El Sosiego. I was in desperate need of a short description of it so I hope you don't mind if I paraphrased you!

Eva said...

No problem. You may always cite me. Just make sure to credit!