Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Cafe Bar Tabare - Montevideo

Unfortunately, my photo doesn't do the charm of Cafe Bar Tabare justice. Within a few blocks of the Sheraton we hit this place for an excellent dinner and a few bottles of Tannat wine, (the grape I had never tried before, which is becoming quite popular in Uruguay and surrounding areas. After a bottle of Don Pascual it was easy to see why.) We walked in to find a guitarrist and and bandoneon player churning out a classic, simple tango. The cellar, bar and cooler are original from when the place was set up by a spaniard in the late 1800s. The inside is gorgeous, contrasting the original antique style with the ultra modern. We sat outside, where the quiet surroundings of a residential Montevideo neighborhood made it a laid-back night out. Remember to bring a sweater as the beach breeze reaches you easily.

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