Thursday, January 05, 2006

New Year's Eve @ Hotel Congress

Who knows if it was fun last year or if it will be as good next year, but I wanted to comment on the quality of the 2006 New Year's Eve Shindig at Hotel Congress and thank Lea and Eric for inviting us. There was an outdoor stage (with heat lamps for those who refuse to wear even the lightest of sleeves). Congress hosted several musicians, including Howe Gelb. There was a dance floor inside, which was also very fun. The DJ could use some help with his mixing but I do salute him for playing Missy Eliott rapping "Get Your Freak On" over a Le Tigre song. We got down to that. There were several bars working hard on keeping us lubed up - I also salute the bartenders. The real crown jewel was somewhere between the fake snow machine and the lit ball they dropped about a whole five feet at midnight. Awesome. (But actually, the REAL crown jewel was the kiss I got as that ball dropped. Thanks, stud.)

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