Sunday, January 29, 2006

"A" Mountain - Sentinel Peak

Have you ever been to "A" Mountain on a Sunday afternoon? The drive takes you up and up until you can almost see your house from here. You pull your boyfriend's car over to watch the hobby gliders. They are silent and graceful. There's a steady stream of traffic and Reggaeton peppers the air as hispanic hot rods scoop the loop. You park to go for a hike as lovers neck in the pickup next door. Your boyfriend says, "I hope we find her giving him a blowjob when we come back." But alas, when you return an hour later there's only a different pickup and three Mexicans in cowboy hats, smoking and looking like they wish they had girlfriends. You do a burn out in the parking lot at your boyfriend's prompting. You leave a plume of rubber smoke and you're happy it's just a Sunday afternoon.

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