Monday, November 21, 2005

Introducing Tucson Querido

I decided to name this blog "Tucson Querido" after a classic argentine tango called "Mi Buenos Aires Querido", which just happens to be another city that I love. ("Querido" means beloved in Spanish.)

The mission of this blog is to tell stories about Tucson through my own personal lense. Being an MA candidate in Hispanic Literature at the University of Arizona and highly motivated by Latin American Cultural Studies, I'm especially interested in the Mexican influence found in cultural phenomenons of Tucson and surrounding areas, but I vow not to get academic up in here. I promise you will be entertained and inspired to share your own Tucson adventures.


VegChef Amanda said...

i hope to share/hear sordid and scandalous tales involving innertubing, margarita binges, reading nietzsche fireside, forbidden love affiars in the hummingbird garden and all-nighters in Nogales. !Viva Tucson Querido!

Dej said...

hey my heart is overflowing with joy just to read all this and think of the warmth and the sounds of birds and the smells of food and your wonderful shiny essence! I am SO happy for you!!